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january escapism for the creative

How’s that for a title?

We had an amazing (AMAZING) Christmas.  We entertained right up until the 24th with a wonderful Christmas Eve spent with my Mom and Sister’s family (missed you Krys) and then had five full days of letting wrapping paper lie where it was, leaving dishes in the sink, laundry to pile up, and desserts to harden on trays … and we played.  It was such an awesome month of celebrating with friends and family and then was topped off with the absolute best gift of cuddling with our own family with no schedule, no travel, and no where we had to be.  We spent our last days of 2014 skating, swimming, checking out lights, and then playing with Gabbie – who came into town for a fantastic visit.  I was so loving the moments that I didn’t want to break away to write a blog – but I’m sure some of our crazy crafts and baking adventures will show up on future posts.  From animal kingdoms to pom pom making and finger puppet shows to glitter trees… It was definitely a creative holiday.

Monday last week hit all of us hard.

It’s kind of cruel ripping a five-year old away from his playmobile animal safari/ocean/rainforest bliss.  It’s not any nicer getting in a cold car and driving 45 minutes to work in the pitch dark before the world wakes up.  But that’s January for ya. We’re all just hanging on hard to the pleasure that was our time off together.

So here I am. Sunday – before week two.  Trolling the web while Cam works away.  Unable today, to face the mountains of work and planning that sit waiting on my laptop.  I find myself on familiar sites – enjoying the wares of people who have better execution at the creative than I do.  From Martha Stewart to Etsy to All Recipes…it’s so cool to see what’s possible.  And it made me wonder what other great locations I’m missing out on … so I thought I’d share in hopes that you might share as well.  Here are my top 5 right now – what are yours?


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 11.43.10 PM

Obviously.  For everything from party ideas to craft how-tos.  My favorite pins are actually often the ones that link to creative blogs, and the ones with free fonts.  I’m a font junkie.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.53.51 PM

Love this for ideas as we start to slowly tackle rooms in our own House.  The kids spaces are amazing but it’s the kitchens that leave me drooling.  And I love that there is a great area to search out where products are from.  This takes the mystery out of those amazing rooms and literally brings the trends and opportunities to your fingertips.  Pin it.


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.01.49 AM

As a marketer obsessed with how brands can better meet the needs of people – I love the ideas and thoughts behind IDEO.  It’s a brilliant company and think tank that brings us everything from better shopping carts to people-centered design ideology. Check it out if you are interested in that kind of thing…


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.33.47 AM

For a font and stationary junkie, this is the ultimate high.  A group of amazingly talented designers – all showing their own stuff.  An inspiring blog.  A community of designers that supports each other.  And every day new creative ways of saying the same old things.  “Thank You” never looked so cool…


The Knot

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.39.52 AM

I used to plan weddings.  In fact I think it was the time in my life when I felt that my passion and my career most closely aligned.  I loved it.  From the stationary to the flowers, the event run through to the details that make that wedding completely you.  I’ve taken a lot of ideas from wedding magazines and from this site over the years to build from for other events and for clever little DIYs at our parties.  Brides seem to fuel the creative industry with an stress induced adrenalin that not even the largest corporation can compete with… and the results are often cool, unique and zany.


That’s my list right now… have you seen them all already or did you find something new ? Any creative sites you love?  I’d love the inspiration …