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the tooth fairy

We are just starting to get excited about the tooth fairy for our oldest – he is six and has lost one tooth with a couple more that seem to sort-of, almost, feel a little bit wiggly especially at night when it’s bedtime and there is only his teeth to play with as he lies there waiting for sleep to wave it’s magic wand…

The idea of her – and she is a she – is magical.  And we love magic here.  More plausible than fairies in our garden, more anticipated than the Easter bunny, and more stealth than even Santa… somehow she manages to fly in, get under your head, carry away a tooth that is almost as large as she is, and leave a small prize in it’s place that no one could have possibly known you were pining over all without waking you… and better yet – she switches it up and sometimes leaves cold hard cash.  This chick is cool.

What isn’t as cool is when your four-year old out looses her teeth to your six-year old.

I’ll spare you the gory details but in a nutshell she was running down the hall in over-tired excitement trying to take off her sweater and lunge at a parting gift that she wanted to hand over to a favorite guest – and when she slipped on the hardwood floor she only had her face to break the fall.

A torn frenulum, fractured palate and five loose teeth presented a grim diagnosis for her shining smile as we took our concussed little munchkin home from the emergency dentist that day.  To add to the pain, we came home with two types of antibiotics, orders to ice, drink meals through a straw, and not allow her any trauma – not even a slip up the stairs or a friendly jostle from her sister.  Then, and only then, might we save her teeth.

One month. A month of nothing but liquid and melt in your mouth baby-style food, holding hands up the stairs, no sports, constant watch.  We all went a little crazy – but we thought we did it – we thought we saved them.  We were wrong.  A bone infection meant her front two teeth needed to be pulled asap.

Que tooth fairy.

Our incredibly brave, impossibly tough, and very sweet little K was amazing – as was her dentist.  As the medication wore off, the car ride home was a glimpse (far, far) into the future for me as she babbled happily like a little drunk and missed her face completely with her Popsicle over and over.

no front teeth

Her reward for bravery and a wonderful attitude was a very early visit from a very special tooth fairy.  She wrote a note and placed her teeth under her pillow – she drew pictures and wrote some words explaining she didn’t want money but heard from mom this might be a special occasion and that she could possibly have two extra special magical gifts.  We thought she wanted a barbie car and a doll chair.  Her note told us we were right on the car but not the chair.  Thank goodness tooth fairies are magical because I don’t know how you change your order at 9pm on a week night and still end up with your ask in the morning … nor do I know how this tiny fairy could possibly lug in a car and a pool … even with her magic.

tooth fairy note

Our tooth fairy did not disappoint. She wrote Kate a special note (it was VERY long) and there was fairy dust from the note all the way to the gifts – which as it turns out she had to leave outside the door – much too heavy to lug in.  She knew Kate secretly wanted to keep her teeth so she left her a special container and made an exception to her rule so that K could hang on to her chompers in style. A souvenir she was quick to share with her preschool buddies.



Kate awoke to the magical note and the fairy dust and the special gifts she’d quietly asked the tooth fairy for that no one else knew about … there was gold and silver and stars and glitter everywhere – clearly a sign of all the effort this visit took.

Now …Matty is due to loose another tooth and can’t wait to see the fairy dust and get his next note and little prize… and while he knows it won’t be as big as Kate’s (special circumstances as laid out in the note that the six-year old read in detail) he is still vibrating with excitement about what he might see…

K & C are pretty sure they saw a flash of light while they were asleep that night- and they are pretty sure that was our fairy flying away back home … M can’t wait to try and wait up for her soon…even though he admitted tonight that he knows in his heart she will use her magic and out wit him 😉

Oh tooth fairy – you sly little minx.





Returning to what I love

  It’s been over a year – the longest of my many absences over this blog – but I think now it’s time to come back. Again. A few things came together over the past few days that have helped me to overcome an all to familiar running excuse in my brain, that I’m too busy and what is the point… The point is that I love being creative and love sharing that passion with people. Mostly, it would seem, with my kids.  The point is also that “busy” isn’t a destination – it’s a roadblock, one that I’d like to overcome.

Why now? We’ve done so many fun crafts and events over the past year and I’d love to  share them here and to use this to push me to stay inspired.

So – let’s start at the end – what brought me back? 

1. Last week my little cutie fell on her face with her hands caught behind her back and in the blink of an eye a very busy Easter weekend and work week ahead was hurdled aside.  Through the blood and tears and the five loose teeth and broken palate, through the sleepless nights, liquid diet and multiple medications for infections and pain, and through the eyes of everyone that looked sadly at her broken face – my Kate smiled. Her crazy beautiful spirit shining through – and her words to me as she wriggled out of my hand for the tenth time today to walk faster than I was comfortable? “Mom- I just want to have some fun”… Right. Life isn’t about the cautions and the issues and the what ifs … As much as I want to hold tight and slow her down – she’s right – life is about moving forward. So I thought for a nano second in that moment – what am I holding back from? Ah yes- this. Then I ran to catch up – within a hand length so I could catch her if anything happened 😉

2. I am reading my kids the best book right now in a series called the Magical Animal Adoption Agency – by Kallie George. It’s brilliant and despite few actual images, I see the pictures she writes about coming alive in their heads. We finished book two tonight… I flipped casually to the author flap- She’s an awesome author I thought – must be British … Nope! Imagine my surprise – She graduated from the same university as me, and lives in the same small part of the world. It’s possible. She chose to pursue creativity in a world over crowded with mediocre authors and she rocked it. Huh. Possible. Right here. 

3. The final push was our Matty – I think he’s always the final push for me.  This kid.

This weekend when we were all sharing what we wanted to do with our days off – Matty predictably started talking about two craft ideas he had.  Tonight we embarked on the second of his ideas – and he led the way – our six year old- instructing the rest of us on how to make cherry blossom trees. At one point I recorded him because he talks like he’s leading a class most of the time – check it out  

With a kid like this how can you not stop and smell the … Blossoms? 

Hoping to be back for real. Even if no one reads this except us with a big glass of wine in 20 years when these cuties are grown… I think it’ll be worth it. 

If you do read this – thanks 🙂 

proud momma

I think every parent has those moments.  The ones were you feel like your heart might explode out of your chest with love and pride for that kid.  It’s the same kid you were yelling at yesterday to clean up his toys or move a little faster or not to hit her sister. In that moment, there is just this overwhelming feeling of HUH.  We either did something right, or this kid is turning out okay despite us, or something.  It’s your kid.  And she rocks.

It’s funny how those proud moments are rarely for the things you expect, or plan out in your brain (or at least that’s how it goes for me).  I am glad that our kids try new sports, are able to sit and be creative quietly, are interested in learning.  But I’m PROUD of them when I watch them share with each other when they think no one is looking.  When they pick each other up, cheer each other on, and respect each person’s need and right to be included and loved.

So today, at our parent teacher interview for Matty, who is in kindergarten, I was surprised by what got to me.  We’ve been working hard on reading and his prayers and math and his french – so I thought I wanted to hear about his progress and what he needed to work on.  In reality I just needed to hear that his teacher gets him, and sees some of what we see in him.  I was proud beyond words when she spoke of Matthew’s character, his kindness, and his inclusive disposition.  His little report card was awesome.  But my favorite part wasn’t getting all the right ticks in the boxes – it was this:

matt report card

I’m also weirdly proud of him for how much he loves to play with boys, AND girls. Because he doesn’t judge.

matty unicorn

I’m proud that he finds so many situations to wear his hockey helmut, and feels that it’s totally appropriate to do so.  Because that speaks to his individuality.

matty in hockey helmut matty hockey hemlut2 matty hockey helmut

I’m proud that he explores, asks questions (a LOT of questions), and always has the time to explain things to his sisters.  Because that means he is curious and open to new possibilities.

matty experimenting

So much more – but we could all gush forever and I will spare you.  Thanks for sharing this proud mom moment with me.