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3 pumpkins 2 hockey lovers and a pecan pie…

Not necessarily in that order … but that is generally what the lead up to thanksgiving looks like in our house.   The fall crafts are being created faster than I can recycle *ahem* find loving places for all the magical gifts. Cam and Matty are obsessed with all things hockey – the booming of the sticks on the hardwood echoes in the house long after the sound is silenced by their favorite team playing on tv.  And the girls are happy baking and making with me… as long as I’m organized and have everything ready to go so that their impatient little hands can grab a hold of the next task as quickly as the first one is complete.

Today was one of those organized days.  Lazy-ish and productive-ish.  I think I fell asleep 3 times while reading halloween stories to the girls this morning… We got out the halloween bins and decorated the house. Cam climbed the little- giant ladder (the one you buy at the home show because it goes up 400 feet and folds down to fit in your pocket) to our crazy steep roof and cleaned out the gutters while every ounce of the WorkSafeBC-in-me was screaming protective gear! Falls from height are the number one cause of injury! ack!  All ended well and his son cheered from below. And we all enjoyed the fall sunshine.

1pumpkin cookie 1cookies1admiring her work


The girls and I made pecan pies and sugar cookies and potatoes in advance of tomorrow’s feast – and then we played with pumpkins and fall leaves.

The girls are in Four Cats art class right now – and they have discovered a love of painting.  So last night I thought I would make a few templates and roll out the giant roll of ikea paper and let them all free with some paint to make pumpkins.  I know what you’re thinking.  How can we handle such an exciting Friday night? While we waited for the paint to dry (literally) we cut out eyes and noses and mouths and glued them on later.

1making eyes with grammie 1hard at work


They are very proud of their little masterpieces and tonight these three little pumpkins helped us to do the 5 little pumpkin rhyme – remember this one?  I’ll let you guess who made which pumpkin…

1k 1m 1c

This week we did more leaf crafts in the setting sunshine after work/school (so nice to still have sunshine!) – including some craaaaazy turkeys from pine cones leaves and pipe cleaners that are currently hanging out on our table…we’ll see how it all comes together tomorrow.

1turkey 1kate turkey making

More on Thanksgiving later… but I hope you have a wonderful feast with someone you love very much!  Happy Thanksgiving xo