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Its a Party! … and it starts at 4pm

We have hosted a Christmas party for years. We look forward to it for months. The journey of planning, inviting and baking up a storm is all part of the fun. From hand made secret Santa invitations and a visit from St Nick himself to mountains of festive food and free flowing beverages our Christmas party is a tradition we have enjoyed with our very best friends well into the morning hours…

This year, however, there was an influx of additions to the families of our friends – and to our own family with the addition of our girls. As a result there were some changes to the plan: the seven PM start gave way to a seven PM conclusion, Santa was a spectacle that mystified most of our little guests rather than entertaining our pals with smart smirks at gift giving time, the drink table sported baby friendly cups in addition to wine glasses, and there was a changing area and baby play zone where high boys and coasters with martini mixers once stood.

The changes are temporary – we all look forward to adult parties once again – but with so many little faces it was wonderful to make some adjustments so that we could all enjoy the festive spirit together. We still raised our glasses to toast the wondrous year we had together, we still enjoyed a mountain of delicious sweet treats and holiday appetizers and best of all we enjoyed each other and got into the festive spirit together as we’d done each year in the past.

If you’re anything like me, you want to be creative and make things from scratch but time is like gold so there isn’t a second to waste … Below are a few tips I tried this year that seemed to work, despite having two little babes to enjoy full time and a son and hubby to hang out with in the mornings and evenings. I started planning a couple of weeks in advance – reading through cookbooks and magazines for 3 or 4 new ideas to cook up this year and falling to 4 or 5 of my good old stand-byes. I figured out what could be made how far in advance, what could be frozen, and what ingredients I’d need. I also decided on 3-5 items that I would purchase instead of make this year (like chicken wings, crostini and cheeses, and mini cheesecakes). Next shopping trip I grabbed everything I’d need except the fresh stuff and every couple of days at nap time I made a new cookie, dip, bar or treat.

Thanks to Martha Stewart we tried candied citrus peels this year and I packaged them in tiny brown bags for snacking on. They were labour intensive so I decided to make a triple batch and store some for throughout the holiday. I was lucky to have family in that day to help hold babies so I tripled up and also made caramel chocolate squares and a spinach and artichoke dip similar to one we love from Milestones. I made a series of cookies and traditional bars like nanainmo and brownies in double or triple batches and froze them so that extras could be pulled out from the freezer if friends dropped by throughout the holidays. My awesome friends and mother/mother in law contributed fabulous ginger cookies, shortbread and sugar cookies. I made and stored a series of dips that could be easily popped in the oven at the same temperature throughout the party -covering and labeling them in the fridge so anyone could pull them out and pop them in the oven if my hands were full with babies. The day before the party I made up bruschetta toppings and crostini variations with parmesan and feta, and tried a great new recipe from Giada at Home with caramelized onions, pear and blue cheese.

Things I tried this year and won’t repeat? Using plastic dishes and wine glasses instead of rentals (no one wants to wash dishes after a party esp not with three kids!) so we’ll return to the rentals next year.

The party was great. It was completely different than the Christmas fetes we were used to planning, and I totally look forward one day to returning to the days of a good martini and an evening of not worrying about little ones, but for our lives and for our friends this year it was exactly what we wanted. Merry Christmas and happy planning!

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  1. Kavie #

    And what a party it was! It’s amazing te difference one year makes. I loved the caramel chocolate squares and might try them myself sometime (either that or drop some hints to my far more talented wife).

    Great blog Ker, I enjoyed the fun, descriptive and succinct write up!

    January 1, 2012
  2. LoLo #

    While extremely well-written, this post only reinforces my longtime belief that you are more machine than woman. Damn…where do you find the energy?? I only hope you can sustain it with the trio of kidlets because it’s been far too long since I’ve had one of your famous [infamous] martinis…hint hint. 🙂

    January 4, 2012

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