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hosting a haute event

If  you google good hosting these days, a series of appropriate tips and suggestions do not jump out at you.  Instead you are faced with a wall of internet hosting options for your very own web page.  And while we could always use a new website, it seems like the cache of hosting etiquette is still best found in the books that we were raised with.  So I dusted off a few in an effort to remind us what makes a great host regardless of the type of event.

1. Greet your guests at the door.  Look them in the eye and smile.  Make them feel like you are genuinely excited they came to your home/event.  If you have children, involve them in greeting guests as well so that everyone feels comfortable right away.  Take coats, shoes, bags or direct your guests on where to leave them.

2. You are the reason these people are here.  You are the link if there are multiple people at your event, so be sure to have everything prepared in advance so that you can spend time with your guests, and make connections for people as you introduce everyone.

3. No wall flowers – if you see a lonely guest – spend some extra time with them or bring them into the larger conversation.

4. No empty glasses.  This one actually comes straight from my Dad.  From the minute you walked through our door you had a glass in hand and it was always full … regardless of what was in it -somehow it made for many extremely enjoyable events.

5. Early/Late guests: If people arrive early, try to involve them in last minute prep or invite them to join you in the area that you are prepping so that they can converse with you while you finish up.  Stragglers need to be entertained to a point – but once you reach the end of your rope – start cleaning up with them while you converse – if they still don’t leave by the time you are all in your proverbial PJs find a polite way to signal the end of the event by either offering to call them a taxi or thanking them for coming and offering to walk them out.

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  1. maria #

    oh sigh…it’s been over 2 months since a new post. patiently waiting :)….

    June 22, 2012
    • Done my dear – I’m back in action …thanks for the push 🙂

      June 25, 2012

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