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cake pops – the mystery is solved

It seems in the entertaining world that we are always searching the new “haute” thing.  That party food, drink, giveaway or trick that leaves people talking – and impresses with the ever sought after “I’ve never seen that before!” comment.  Cake gave way to cupcakes about seven or eight years ago, and in the past couple of years its been all about the cake pop… the bite sized cake on a stick encircled with icing and some cute design.  Well – my girls first birthday is coming up, and rather than pick some up at a bakery I had to learn how these delectable little morsels were made and what special round pan or press I needed to splurge on to make them happen. 

Turns out no such pan is required.  Simply bake a cake – from a box – in a sheet pan.  Then add icing and crumble up the cake into a big mess – and melon ball scoop the cake forming it into little balls.  Pop them on a tray in the fridge until chilled and slightly firm and meanwhile melt some candy coating (try Michaels or your local baking shop).  Place your pop sticks in a bit of the melted candy coating to make the cake stick – then into the round chilled cake ball and dip the whole thing into the melted coating.  Stand your pops in a tray (made mine from a cereal box that I cut slits into) until they are dry.  Voila! Cake pops!  Now if you’re really cool you can make your pops into bumble bees and butterflies and a whole world of cute animal friends – but I have other appies to plan for so I’m satisfied with knowing that these cool little bites are from the bakery of Kerri B.  Here’s hoping that the bakers of all the cake pops I’ve consumed washed their hands lots because the method behind these little cuties is less than attractive to think about…

What is your party food de jour?  My sister makes an amazing mango salsa … maybe she’ll post it here (hint hint…)

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