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I’m back…

I re-read most of my posts from over a year ago – and almost each one started with an explanation for why I was delinquent in posting.  Now it’s been more than 16 months and in that time I went back to work full time after being off for a year’s maternity leave with our wonderful twins – then changed jobs two months later, Cam has changed jobs within his company a couple of times, we bought a new house – in a different city, our son started preschool, we changed childcare arrangements, and life continues … at a pace that feels like a sprint, and with days that feel like marathons.  Then at the end of this year I looked around and realized (as I often do when we grab a second to gulp down air) that time is flying – so fast.  Our girls are two and a half and our baby boy has just turned four.  I can’t imagine feeling any more blessed, and I don’t remember to say thank-you nearly enough to god, or my husband, or my kiddos for this life that through some good fortune I’ve stumbled into – I don’t want to blink.  So for what it’s worth – I’m going to try again… a story about our life, my love of being crafty, our love of entertaining, and a little about whatever etiquette or cool new tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Hello again, from our growing family to you.  Thanks for reading – it means a lot to me!


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