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Growing up my oldest sister was an artist.  She still is, but her art is information on an intellectual canvas now.  In university my roommate was an artist. I still have  a few of the pieces she created with her ridiculous raw talent.  In my professional life I surround myself by artists – creative genius hums in the field of branding.  When I had more time, I took every course I could get my hands on to learn the skills that came naturally to those around me.  I just love being in the presence of artists.  There is a weight lifted, when I watch them at work.  A close friend brings his guitar every time he comes to visit us- knowing our son swoons over the notes and artistry.  I watch my son’s face light up as our generous friend strums the notes and sings some of Matt’s favorite tunes – and I think to myself – I know that feeling.  It’s awe.  I am so impressed that people can stop all the thoughts and worries and lists in their heads long enough to sit. And to create.  Real art.

I hope we can encourage our kids to be artists.  I hope we have the patience and the wisdom to give them that gift. Not just the practiced art of music lessons or art class – but the time and space to find their own passion and art.  My husband recently shared the now somewhat famous Ted Talk by Ken Robinson on creativity – and the importance it plays in learning.  I loved that talk.

Last night, I found a little artist in our house.  I was sewing in the corner of our family room, and C and M were chasing each other playing a game of super-hero, soccer, princess-dragon, tag (they are each still in their own worlds shouting orders about what game they are playing at each other – but enjoying every minute of it so … whatever).  Kate wanted to see what i was doing. I ended up distracting her from her obsession with my sewing machine with a big long piece of white paper and scissors.  She sat there for 45 minutes. Cutting swirls and twirls and tiny pieces on imaginary lines.  Getting up every 5-6 minutes to hand me  precious creation, shake herself off from all the tiny white bits and move to a new area of the play room to sit and cut some more.  Never saying a word.  After 45 minutes the whole floor was covered in tiny pieces of swirly paper.  She has none of the large piece left.  She stood in front of me -scissors in hand big smile on her face.  An accomplished artist.

In the chaos of another make-it sunday on top of lots of work and crazy (fun) kiddos – it was really nice today to hear Matty humming his way through a one-man soccer game, watch K & C intensely drawing over our credit card bills, and even see my cutie husband moving with a smile to the music playing through the house as life happened this evening.  Creativity lives.  This week I hope we’ll find some time to paint together, and finish some home made valentines that I’ll post later.

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  1. Krista #

    I’m so flattered that you think of me as an artist! 🙂 I need to find some inspiration and get back to my roots. In the meantime, K’s skills made me think of this Vancouverite:

    February 8, 2014
    • wow that’s gorgeous work! thanks for sharing kris!

      February 8, 2014

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