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Pablo Picasso famously said,  “every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”.  Life re-enforces this little statement for us over and over.  I see the first part of this quote on walls of kids art often in schools or libraries. On Houzz and Pinterest it’s adorably written framing a child’s artwork in a bedroom or play room.  I can’t help but wonder if we remember the last part of the quote, and yet think it’s equally as important – isn’t it?  So today is for the artists – I’m a little cheater, but I do admire you all so…

We made some water colour art recently.  Kate and I.  painting  It was a blast.


We loved the artwork when we put a little too much water in the colour and let the image take on a little more of it’s own life.  Kate made 10 or 12 master pieces of multiple colours with enough water on each page to fill a pool… and they were gorgeous … and will one day dry I’m sure.

I took the opportunity to paint some hearts.  Thinking of valentines day coming up – and my hopes of sending some personalized love our family near and far.  I dipped in more water than one normally would and just let it take shape.  I then ripped out the hearts and made kraft card stock cards to put them on – offering a laid-back loving look.


Kate wanted to see more than hearts … so I made a few balloons as well and ended up with the a few fun birthday cardsballoon


I hope you have a chance to create something today.  Whether it’s muffins, or music, an essay or a really great drink … or maybe pull out those water colour paints.  I hope you get a chance to find that inner artist!




Growing up my oldest sister was an artist.  She still is, but her art is information on an intellectual canvas now.  In university my roommate was an artist. I still have  a few of the pieces she created with her ridiculous raw talent.  In my professional life I surround myself by artists – creative genius hums in the field of branding.  When I had more time, I took every course I could get my hands on to learn the skills that came naturally to those around me.  I just love being in the presence of artists.  There is a weight lifted, when I watch them at work.  A close friend brings his guitar every time he comes to visit us- knowing our son swoons over the notes and artistry.  I watch my son’s face light up as our generous friend strums the notes and sings some of Matt’s favorite tunes – and I think to myself – I know that feeling.  It’s awe.  I am so impressed that people can stop all the thoughts and worries and lists in their heads long enough to sit. And to create.  Real art.

I hope we can encourage our kids to be artists.  I hope we have the patience and the wisdom to give them that gift. Not just the practiced art of music lessons or art class – but the time and space to find their own passion and art.  My husband recently shared the now somewhat famous Ted Talk by Ken Robinson on creativity – and the importance it plays in learning.  I loved that talk.

Last night, I found a little artist in our house.  I was sewing in the corner of our family room, and C and M were chasing each other playing a game of super-hero, soccer, princess-dragon, tag (they are each still in their own worlds shouting orders about what game they are playing at each other – but enjoying every minute of it so … whatever).  Kate wanted to see what i was doing. I ended up distracting her from her obsession with my sewing machine with a big long piece of white paper and scissors.  She sat there for 45 minutes. Cutting swirls and twirls and tiny pieces on imaginary lines.  Getting up every 5-6 minutes to hand me  precious creation, shake herself off from all the tiny white bits and move to a new area of the play room to sit and cut some more.  Never saying a word.  After 45 minutes the whole floor was covered in tiny pieces of swirly paper.  She has none of the large piece left.  She stood in front of me -scissors in hand big smile on her face.  An accomplished artist.

In the chaos of another make-it sunday on top of lots of work and crazy (fun) kiddos – it was really nice today to hear Matty humming his way through a one-man soccer game, watch K & C intensely drawing over our credit card bills, and even see my cutie husband moving with a smile to the music playing through the house as life happened this evening.  Creativity lives.  This week I hope we’ll find some time to paint together, and finish some home made valentines that I’ll post later.


It’s been a long week. Big projects are coming together and long days at work mean for heartache with less time for family.  I find myself listening to Lean In (read it, but also got the book on CD for my commute) and wondering who really figures out the whole balance thing. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that today is about play.  We spent the morning in PJs playing with lego and cartoons, munching on waffles and then heading for a walk along the river.  It’s nap time – so it’s my time to play.  Just making some new shirts for valentines day for the girls, and finishing off Matty’s valentines – I’ll post them shortly.  After naps we’ll make play dough and mess up the kitchen as much as we can.  We love making play dough… it’s a very easy together craft with kids.adventures in play dough

Our kids measure the ingredients and then pick their colours while I cook the dough.  I found an amazing blog that I love – and the step by step for play dough is really well laid out in it so I won’t re-invent the wheel here.  One thing we do, after we cut the dough in 4 cut in 4 we put each piece of dough in its own zip lock bag.  I add the colour of choice for the kids and then they mix it and mold it getting the colour into the dough without getting all over their fingersbusy hands  the whole process takes minutes and it’s super fun for hours of playfingers play dough  after we’re done we just pop them into containers and store in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks to pull out and play again… though in this house the favorite part for all of us is actually making the dough so we end up hanging out on the island again mixing and molding before too fridge