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Trial and Error

That’s really what it’s all about – isn’t it? Parenting.

Being brave. Putting out the time, energy, money, and ego – to try something new… all the while knowing it might fail or need a re-boot?  First time on ice skates, first time at swimming lessons, first time trying new food, first time on an airplane… The thing I find most interesting about the trial and error of parenting is that there are really very few constants.  In fact you might just be the only constant.  There are so many variable factors; mood, time of day, age, number of people present… so when you do get it right – it’s nearly impossible to duplicate! The joke is on us if we think we can actually have control over this part of our lives.  I find the universe laughing at me almost daily, in fact.  I remember when Matt was a baby – once we figured out the whole sleep thing we tried to create the exact same setting every night… same bath time, same lighting setting, same noises, same songs, and as most of you have already figured out well before we did – that builds fabulous little creatures who control your every moment … and then 2 months goes by and their world shifts and everything that once worked no longer does. Gotta love it.

Now a days there is so much on the go for us that we find ourselves being able to plan and control less (I’m still a crazy planner – but LESS is the operative word) – and most days it actually means life is a little more smooth. Chaotic, yes. Unexpected, always. But I am slowly finding when I plan less for the outcome I expect, I am less invested in THE outcome, and just invested in AN outcome.  Matt just started playing soccer in a big boy league.  We know he loves to play.  At the first practice though, he cried… too many new people, too much pressure.  So I went out and played the whole practice as his partner. Not really what  I was hoping would happen but at least he got out there and played… by his first game he knew everyone’s name and was having a blast running around – didn’t score once – but he loved cheering everyone on by name and running all over the place. Okay – I can work with that. Not what I would have planned for but it’s great non-the-less.matt front


We had some Easter trial and error this week as well.  We all painstakingly painted the salt-dough eggs we made with acrylic paint – they were masterpieces (remember this post?).  We hung them out last weekend on our deck and loved looking at them all over our patio in the sunshine. hanging eggs

The kids couldn’t wait to show their little buddies at our egg hunt which ones they painted.  Last night there was a huge rainstorm. The paint didn’t run (I planned for that) – but it was so wet that the water seemed in and made the very hard salt dough eggs all mushy.  mushy egg


Trial and Error.

Off to go bake some muffins and some potentially super fun garden cupcakes … will show you when they’re done.  They might work out – and then again … who knows.

Have a wonderful day.

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