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A few of our favourite things

We had a busy weekend celebrating wonderful events in the lives of our friends and family.  One of those weekends where you divide and conquer with the kids, hope you remembered all the cards and gifts, and push a liiiittle too far to make it all fit in.  It was great, tiring and fun. 

One of our special events this weekend was a baby shower for two very wonderful people expecting their first child.  We could buy them any number of wonderful things, but we were a little stumped – we wanted to try to do something that showed these creative sweethearts how much we love them.  So we chatted about it, and the kids, who also adore them, thought of a few of the things they love that they wanted to share – that idea grew into giving them a box filled with all of our favourite things…. So we made a list of our favorite books, toys and baby things and then made a trip together to pick those things out.  In the process, we started talking about our favorite stories and songs.  Cam and I asked each of the kids what they would choose to share with the new baby – everyone picked a story or song for the baby and told why we’d chosen it.

  inside twinkle

I wrote the song on the inside of a card and the “why” (verbatim)on the back. 

why twinkle

Matt and I cut out felt pictures to decorate the front of each card inside

and the girls helped to sew together a felt envelope to put it all together in (Charlie on the pedal, Kate on the ‘back’ button… always an adventure).  our stories

This is what we came up with. front

Matt decided in the end he wanted to tell the baby a story about dinosaurs, so we captured his first short story in the process.  It was weird and cute and perfect.  I’m sharing this because we happily stumbled on a pretty fun activity, not hard to do, and not overly involved – and we all loved the end result and now have a copy of the favourites for that moment in time saved for us for later too…Maybe something fun you might try, or take a spin off of.

Also, in the end we felt like we were giving a part of ourselves from our hearts.  There isn’t always the time, energy, or frankly interest to do this – but in this case it worked out.

  Happy Monday – 6 sleeps til Saturday!kate at desk

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