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being thankful

please don’t turn away.  this is not a holier-than-thou post about how we all need to be more thankful.  this is just my attempt at remembering – if only once a day for a month – to say a little thank-you for the things that often go unnoticed… oh and it might be a lesson disguised as a craft project for my kids too.

It really started to feel like fall and our kids love doing art projects with all the leaves and acorns around.  So in thinking about the season, yesterday we started a thanksgiving tree.  nothing fancy.  after dinner we all wrote or drew a picture of one thing we were thankful for that day – on a leaf.  we put them on a branch i found in my mom’s garden.  We’ll do this every day until thanksgiving and hopefully by then we’ll give new life to that old stick with all the leaves… if you want to try it I made a little template for the thankful leaves – just print on coloured paper.  I think i’ll find a different way to attach them to the tree but tape works…

matt thankful   leaves

On day one; Kate was thankful for belugas, Matt was thankful for humpback whales and oreos and Charlie was thankful for her mom and dad …. one outa three aint bad!  I was thankful for my mom – who has been a tremendous help and shoulder all through September.

I’ll post again on thanksgiving and we’ll see how we did.  Happy October!



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