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ooooo went the wind and out went the light!

… and the three little pumpkins got verrrry excited about their flashlights!

The Halloween fun has been in full swing in our crazy house since Thanksgiving.  In fact, I think Kate said it best as the kids all went to bed the night we had family over for thanksgiving “now it’s time for Halloween, then Matt’s birthday, then Christmas – right mommy?” yep. This is the time of year that just flies by from one built up celebration to the next chez Buschel. In fact we kinda started celebrating Halloween at Thanksgiving when we put the kids to work for their dessert as they decorated pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies that we’d baked the day before … serious work for our kids, but my nephews were all smiles!

1bcookie 1katecookie 1kcookie 1cmcookie 1dcookie

I can’t seem to keep up with all the planning ahead; the remembering for school days, the projects and forecasts for work, and the general family maintenance at home.  The balance of it all just seems to get more and more complicated as everyone gets older (I’m talking about my kids – not me!)  I’m just grateful that I can blame the cobwebs in our house on Halloween and the chaotic state of of our yard on the latest wind storm.

leaf pile


We’ve been taking in as much of the ‘good part’ of fall as possible.  Apple Fest at UBC, bike-rides and hunts for chestnuts, early trick-or-treating at our community shopping area, pumpkin patch visiting, and Halloween baking, making and spooking.

1kitty  1who?1excited

There are a few very fun costumes on the nightly rotation … I’ll post them all next week – it’s kind-of like Mr Dress up around here right now.

Tonight we’ll make some pumpkins out of tissue and glue – another messy art project to send poor cam’s blood pressure up – and put up our cobwebs and maybe even bake some owl cupcakes .

I’ll continue to procrastinate in making Matthew’s cheetah costume. This kid.  He has such specific requests and I don’t want to let him down – but a cheetah? really? Not sure how I’m gonna pull that one off age appropriate and for a boy  (try searching cheetah costumes on pinterest… you’ll see what I mean – it’s more of a young cougar look if you catch my…)

Now off to go buy more halloween flashlights and glow sticks – ours have been in such high use all month that they are burnt out, worn out, or in 100 pieces throughout the house right now.

Happy Haunting!


… a few extra fun pics from our Thanksgiving feast with my mom and sister and her fam this year … we made a thanksgiving tree with our thumbprints, and wrote what we were thankful for on turkeys … the kids drew up a storm on the kraft paper covered table – not quite the elegant table setting one might picture for thanksgiving – but it worked for our families this year.

1thanksgiving tree 1beauties kidthanksgiving candle thanksgivingsmiles

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  1. Jen #

    Kerri, your Thanksgiving table setting is exactly what I had hoped to do this year… But I procrastinated, time ran short and alas, it didn’t happen. :(. Maybe next year. I think yours look beautiful – nice work!

    October 27, 2014
  2. Thanks for the note, Jen! I’m a master procrastinator (I keep giant rolls of kraft paper and burlap for just those times ;)) I’m betting your table looked incredible. Have a great halloween!

    October 27, 2014

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