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halloween hangover

Halloween trick or treating was super fun this year… and the kids loved all their chances to dress up along the way for great parties and trick or treating. Here are a few excited kids ready to go out and plunder the streets.  Matty took the whole cheetah thing pretty seriously 😉



animals serious business

Our wonderful friends who also have twins a bit older than the girls gave us their hamburger, fries and root beer costume from last year and our kids had a blast dressing up as the fast food trio.  Cam and I put on some aprons and name tags and we were a family fit for the golden arches.  The annual halloween kid party we went to last weekend was incredible this year (as usual) and our pals caught this pic of our family on the way in …  these costumes have come out almost every day for some make-believe fun – so awesome.

fast food

For last night, I managed to finish Matt’s cheetah costume and it survived the night – so we had three happy animals trolling the streets. Their big excitement was going out with their big cousins for the beginning of the night and then the surprise amazing bonus trick or treating at the end with Grammie.

trick or treat buddies scary ty bat and kitty owl and mommaend of the night

So much fun.  Now to trade in that candy with the trick witch for some good toys. xo

happy kiddo candy

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  1. Kerri, I am enjoying your blog immensely! What a great positive look into what is probably great happy chaos filled with lots of love!!! I am almost through the archives, but might have to take a bit more time! Your family is beyond perfect!

    November 1, 2014
    • Thanks for the lovely comment Gurdev! Our family is very far from perfect but thanks for noticing that we try to have fun through the chaos 🙂 Now I need to read a blog about you to catch up!

      November 2, 2014

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