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The year Santa asked me to marry him

Story time.  Grab your hot chocolate (with whatever you like in it) and a few of those Christmas cookies…ready?

It was ten (10!) years ago today.

My boyfriend was due for one last visit before he flew home for Christmas.  I had a little apartment in Vancouver, and he lived with ‘little buddy’ about ten minutes away.  We had a group of awesome friends, and had spent the lead up to the holidays enjoying some fun nights out and Christmas spirit.  I was sad to see Cam go but was looking forward to exchanging gifts before he flew out later that day to head home for the holiday – it was December 23rd.


You know this already – but I love LOVE Christmas.  I always have.  My parents made Christmas an incredibly magical, holy, and huge family celebration.  There was always a lot of traditions and excitement and people around.  I’ve loved trying to keep all of that alive in our own way.  It has always been an incredible celebration.  An excuse to throw parties, a reason to believe in miracles, a challenge to decorate and dress in the spirit and so many excited faces.

Cam is a little more of a realist and a little less in to Christmas craziness – but he’s been sweet and he humours my passion for the season. He puts up the lights.  He buys the real tree even though we have our fake one already set up.  He helps plan the parties, and always thinks of cool new things to add, he gets the kids all excited, bakes cookies, writes letters to Santa and drives to see lights near and far.  I think he even finds it pretty fun, most days. More and more, I even catch him getting in to it and searching out new fun traditions – and that sweet grin, or the way he whistles or belts out a Christmas tune once in a while – that makes my whole day.

In the interest of full disclosure… we had been dating for four years and I was … ready for whatever potentially came next.  So in my little brain, each special holiday dinner and romantic walk through Christmas lights was a bit of a held breath for me – but by this point – the day he was leaving- I was a little resigned that the only ring for this reason would be the ringing of Christmas bells.

Then came the knock at my door.  I opened the door, and stood face with the man in red.  From eye brows to boots on his toes – this was SANTA.

He came in with his big belly and red hat and great big red bag, and “Ho Ho Ho” – one by one handed me presents – magical presents.  Things I grew up adoring.  The holiday barbie.  The special story. My favorite clothes.  The last gift was a magazine.  A wedding magazine.

I jumped up on the couch – disbelief and sheer excitement.  Thinking all the while over and over in my head – you have to remember this forever – what is he saying? Holy Sssshugar this is really happening!! Santa was down on one knee.  He was talking about being in love with me.  He was talking about forever.  He had his nervous smile on.  He was amazing. Remember this forever!

There was a ring, there were lots of “YES” “YES”s … there were tears, and then before I knew it he was gone.  Leaving me over Christmas to daydream about our big day, and start my favorite part of any amazing party … the planning.

At this time of year, every year, I love seeing Santa come out and delight the kids in our lives. Love seeing him come to life, and love the magic that embodies him.  Most of all I love that my husband knew me so well that he made my dreams come true with Santa that day.  Ten years ago today we got engaged.  It’s been a crazy wonderful ten years … and this sleigh ride’s just begun.

matty age one

You better watch out! You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why … 😉



cam and ker

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