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proud momma

I think every parent has those moments.  The ones were you feel like your heart might explode out of your chest with love and pride for that kid.  It’s the same kid you were yelling at yesterday to clean up his toys or move a little faster or not to hit her sister. In that moment, there is just this overwhelming feeling of HUH.  We either did something right, or this kid is turning out okay despite us, or something.  It’s your kid.  And she rocks.

It’s funny how those proud moments are rarely for the things you expect, or plan out in your brain (or at least that’s how it goes for me).  I am glad that our kids try new sports, are able to sit and be creative quietly, are interested in learning.  But I’m PROUD of them when I watch them share with each other when they think no one is looking.  When they pick each other up, cheer each other on, and respect each person’s need and right to be included and loved.

So today, at our parent teacher interview for Matty, who is in kindergarten, I was surprised by what got to me.  We’ve been working hard on reading and his prayers and math and his french – so I thought I wanted to hear about his progress and what he needed to work on.  In reality I just needed to hear that his teacher gets him, and sees some of what we see in him.  I was proud beyond words when she spoke of Matthew’s character, his kindness, and his inclusive disposition.  His little report card was awesome.  But my favorite part wasn’t getting all the right ticks in the boxes – it was this:

matt report card

I’m also weirdly proud of him for how much he loves to play with boys, AND girls. Because he doesn’t judge.

matty unicorn

I’m proud that he finds so many situations to wear his hockey helmut, and feels that it’s totally appropriate to do so.  Because that speaks to his individuality.

matty in hockey helmut matty hockey hemlut2 matty hockey helmut

I’m proud that he explores, asks questions (a LOT of questions), and always has the time to explain things to his sisters.  Because that means he is curious and open to new possibilities.

matty experimenting

So much more – but we could all gush forever and I will spare you.  Thanks for sharing this proud mom moment with me.



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  1. Anonymous #

    Oh Kerri, He sounds just as kind hearted and loving as his momma! I am not surprised, but I would too beam!!!

    March 14, 2015
    • Thank you Gurdev! He’s a much better person than I am for sure. SO much to be proud of with our little people hey? I so look forward to getting to know yours better (you need a blog!) 🙂

      March 14, 2015

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