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zoom goes the rocket ship

I’m going to try to tie this all together in a neat bow – but it will really only show you how random I can be… it all makes sense in my head.  So here we go:

I have been wanting to get back into sewing for a while.  My mother-in-law is an amazing seamstress and makes our girls gorgeous dresses that I love.  Very inspiring. Never going to that place, but I’m excited to do other, less daunting projects. Started with sewing a whole bunch of cards, then made some bags, and now onto t-shirts.  Sort of.  I don’t think I’d ever actually sew my own shirt given the price you can find them for already done.  Plus I’m impatient (no doubt a theme on this blog)… and I wanted to be a bit creative.  I actually really like the idea of inspiring our kids with what they wear.  I want them to be excited by the little things every day – even if it means dressing them in clothes (sometimes) that will help spark their imagination.  So I thought I would design some appliques in fun colours and stick/sew them onto plain shirts that they already have in their drawers.


Our son is studying space in school this month.  Our stand-by craft favorite – the paper towel or TP roll – has now been converted into space ships using markers and construction paper.  The three kids have been soaring through space this weekend thanks to some stars we made around Christmas time, some great educational space songs I grabbed off you-tube (love the story bots) and some glow in the dark markers that helped us make planets and alien dinosaurs (can’t forget the dinos).


This month marks our adorable nephew’s first birthday.  The theme for his party is monkeys.  My brain always goes to Curious George or to sock monkeys … and the infinite possibilities with both.  I know it’ll be an amazing party and I’m sad we can’t be there for it – so I thought I’d try to make something a little personal for them to send ahead, to go along with the theme.

How it all comes together:

I have a bunch of sample fabric (scraps) that i buy cheaply from fabric stores. They are just small pieces, most avid sewers might even toss them – but for me they are just the right size to create some magic.  Last night I had some fun with that fabric, and some plain shirts I picked up during the week.  The first is my take on a sock monkey, for my classy cutie pie nephew – no wild colours or patterns – but with a little number one on the monkey’s tummy to mark his big day.  The second, was actually from the left over scraps of the sock monkey shirt – I had enough fabric that I’d ironed on to wonder-under to sketch out a rocket ship and make our space fan his own rocket ship shirt.monkey shirt1rocket ship t

The irony is that I actually dreamed this up for our girls.  I’m excited to make them shirts that aren’t necessarily ‘girlie’ but that also engage their imagination.  K loves pirate ships right now and airplanes, and C loves fish and whales – so I was thinking I would do something along those lines for them.  Ran out of time, which is great… because it means I get to do this again. 🙂

In case you’re wondering – yes – this is another craft you can totally do at home.  Here’s the quick and dirty on how I did it:

  1. pre-wash and iron all fabric, sketch out a design you think you want to usematerial ironed material1
  2. make sure your design is relatively simple, the devil is in the details.  Also eye-ball it with the size of your shirt and make sure it will all fit                                                           drawing colour and drawing monkey
  3. follow wonder-under or other iron-on transfer instructions – and apply to fabric on the wrong side.  Then draw what you want out of each piece of fabric right onto the paper you’ve attached.
  4. cut out the shapes (remember to do it backwards as you’ll be flipping the fabric over to apply it to the shirt), place on your shirt and make sure it all works, then peel back and iron onto your shirtalmost done
    rocket almost done
  5. you can leave it like that.  for these ones I did a rough sew just inside the edge to add to the look.  I also added some buttons for embellishmentsmonkey close up
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  1. Anonymous #

    You are amazing Kerri! We LOVE the shirt:) Nate is sure lucky to have such a creative and loving aunty. It is a special shirt that we will cherish always. xoxo

    January 26, 2014
    • so glad you like it! Happy birthday cutie-pie Nate! Can’t wait to see the monkey party pics!

      January 26, 2014

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