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write up my alley

I’ve been trying to be one of those ‘self-taught’ designers for years.  My lack of patience always leaves me feeling like the look of what I make is a little too home-spun and not quite cool enough.  I feel this way in particular when designing print materials.  I love fonts, and love downloading free fonts that creative people everywhere make for people a little less ‘designer’ (like me) to use.  This is one of many great artists who I love that share their free fonts and there are so many more you can find through blogs, pinterest and posts.

At work we’re just finalizing some brand guidelines, and the talk of font and the psychology behind which fonts work well in what circumstances and how to pair them for impact is fascinating.  I personally definitely gravitate to sans-serif fonts (those are fonts without the little projecting features like the ones you find in Times New Roman) – but I’m not special – most of the web friendly generations do because web-friendly fonts are very typically sans-serif for readability (like verdana, arial, helvetica)

Recently as my foray into fonts and adobe knowledge has become a bit more of an obsession (I’m still using power point to ‘design’ most things so you real designers please avert your eyes) – I stumbled across the most fabulous App. – ifontmaker.  It costs $6 to download – and it’s so worth it.  You can design your own font on your ipad with the stroke of your finger or stylus and then save and download to your computer to add to your own font library.  I created a number of fonts to help compliment some new designs I’ve been working on.  Our whole family got into the spirit – so Cam and Matt have their very own signature fonts now too.  My favorite part? We can track this kid’s letters as he grows and I can now use his font in thank-you notes and other stationary from him.  For a momma that loves the lost art of written mail and notes – this was a fabulous find … wanted to share in case you agree.  What’s your go-to favorite font?

matts font

Now if i could only figure out how to change this font on this blog … technology is a whole other world.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Matts font so kool…you are tres perfect!!!sans-serif. To say the least…

    January 20, 2014
  2. You are tres perfect !!

    January 22, 2014

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