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It’s not all fabulous


We all have them.  Those days that make you wonder why you bothered to get out of bed.  You can tell the day is going to go a certain way pretty much from the start when you forget your alarm or the toothpaste squishes out wrong or you realize you’re out of coffee.  That was my yesterday.  Epically. One thing after another crumbled in my fingers at work – helpless and on a tonne of tight timelines I scrambled to pick up pieces only to read emails and get calls that were equally troubling about other corners of life.  The worst part is that I miss my family so much during these crazy busy times.  I love that kids have that knack to know when you are the most stressed – and those are the moments when they all decide to be incredible little humans… playing and laughing together, running over just to offer a kiss. Such a good reminder of what is always fabulous.  Giving love.

In my lack of time to cook, clean or craft these past few days I found myself wistfully looking back through past projects and photos quickly tonight as my procrastination tool…

I love fancy straws – you know the really pretty ones that you buy at a craft or specialty paper store?  They are pricey, but I love them.  Last weekend the kids got into a package I’d bought.  So I thought – huh – maybe we could make some all together – it would be a great craft project to get them invovled in, and would provide good little lessons in concentration and patience. 

straw making

So we did it.  With some wooden dowels paper and a fine tip glue pen.  Little fingers practiced tuck, roll, glue, tuck roll glue… It was fun and the end product was pretty great!straw rolling

Then I put them in apple juice for the kids to try out.  They disintegrated.  And they tasted like glue.  So.  Lesson learned – plastic bendy straws are where it’s at – try not to feed your children glue next time – and off I went with another badge for the wise mom sash… no so fabulous.  But at least we had a fun 30 minutes making them.  For the real how-to check this out … too time consuming to justify for me but they are pretty!

strawsHave a fabulous day.

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