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I started this blog when we had three kids under 2 years old  – mostly to remind myself of the pleasures that I knew would one day return with ease, and of the simple things I could still create and enjoy with our little family every day – despite the crazy hours and random demands of my target audience.  I called it whatsentertaining – because nothing makes me happier than making things/food/events/games that make the people I love smile.  I thought it was a great play on the dialogue that is our life, the creativity that excites many of us, and the simple things that we all do every day to bring smiles to the faces of those we love.

A couple of years later I find myself asking a new question – one I see posted on facebook and linked in and all over social media chanels dominated by moms… what’s important? followed by in mice type …  ‘and how can i possibly do more because right now I kida feel like i’m failing in every bucket in life – just a little’

There was an awesome special recently related to this on cbc

How do you gauge success? Is it the title you hold? The money you make? The projects you manage? Is it the house you have or car you drive or clothes you wear? Is it based on how you measure up to friends, colleagues and lovers? Is it the chocolate kisses, finger paintings, goals scored, wild happy laughter of your kiddos? Or is it a mix?  A delicate balance…

This is such a tough one for me. I think being honest with yourself – really honest – about this question is so hard.  I want to be an idealist, but my ego seems a little too big… or something… Of course I compare myself to other people – to say I don’t would not be true.  I love the feeling when a project comes together, or a member of my team sees their value and I’ve been a good leader.  I am proud of our home and what we have worked very hard to create for our family.  But I was asked recently – if you were to leave the planet tomorrow – what would your greatest success have been? What made you the most happy and what would you wish you had done differently?

Such a good question.  Of course my answer to happiness is my kids, and my husband.  Which obviously makes  other commitments seem … wasted.  But are they?  In today’s world of two-income demands and high priced everything – how do you put your family first? Is it by providing for them so that you can enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of for your family at the expense of being there to be present in the mundane moments that actually shape that journey?  Or is it by being there, and foregoing the luxuries others can enjoy so that you can take walks in the random sunshine on a rainy day, break up mini-fights with a lesson on values, and teach them about imagination and patience and kindness?  Is there really a balance?  If you’ve got an answer I’d love to hear it because I’m yet to figure it out.

It’s a busy world – and a fast pace.  Our girls turned 2 and a half today… and as I log on to work another night after a wonderful weekend enjoying food and fun with family and friends – I find myself asking – what’s important?

Today it was pancakes and hallway hockey, peter pan and painting. 

Back to fun recipes and crafts later this week…

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  1. Anonymous #

    It’s a great question and surprisingly difficult to answer. I love the idea of thinking about what I want people to be saying about me at my 90th birthday party. (I hope you will be there Kerri!). I suppose that I would want someone from every category of my life to say something positive.

    January 21, 2014
    • Anonymous #

      That was me Lucy J. who said the above by the way. I didn’t mean to be so mysterious. Plus you need to know who invited you to their 90th birthday party!

      January 21, 2014
      • I’m so looking forward to that party! in a long loooooong time. we have a lot of wine to try before that!

        January 23, 2014
  2. Krista #

    Such great questions, and it seems no one has figured it out just yet – so at least you’re in good company. I read a quote a while back, something about how the way you spend your days is the way you end up spending your life. Made me think a bit? But still doesn’t solve anything 🙂
    Loved that doc, btw!

    January 24, 2014
    • ugh. that really DOES make you think. I don’t spend my days doing nearly enough of the important stuff… good reminder flirty g

      January 26, 2014

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