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organized chaos

In our house I’m famous for saying “i’m sure we have one of those… somewhere”.  I love organizing, colour coding, putting away – and having a wonderful space.  And then we both go to work, the kids wake up, we eat, play, dress, mess, and repeat … five times.  And the following weekend I finally get around to that whole organizing thing once again.  This time with the added fun of our version of hide and go seek for the item that is mysteriously missing.  Right now it’s the awesome rounded bags I found for Matthew’s valentines.  Can’t find them anywhere…

Seems a bit futile some weeks.  But I do admire those people who make an art of it.  My favorite organizational blogs:

1. Honey We’re Home: Megan has lots of great diy tips and a fun fetish for washi tape

2.Simply Organized: Samantha is real, innovative, and has great diy ideas that she shows you in great steps

Like most people we struggle daily with keeping everything organized – and celebrate the little successes like a bench and cool coat rack in the mud room or wrapping paper on a curtain rod in the craft room.  A few other organizational things that we enjoy:

1. ikea cupboards for the kids play room and my craft area – keeps (almost) everything away and in a place


2. zip lock containers for all left overs (who doesn’t do this?), and old mason jars for all my craft supplies (looks vintage – costs pennies)

3. OXO containers for all our baking/dry food storage – amazing for freshness, price, and durability

Any fun organizational tips you live by?

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  1. I guess my best organizational tip is to purge on a regular basis – the toy box especially before Christmas and donate before the new toys come, seasonally go through the clothes and store or donate, and I love those collapsible shelves that hang from the curtain rods in the closet for all the odds and ends.

    February 10, 2014
    • i love those too – great tips Melina!
      Also love the idea that the kids go to donate their own toys both to make room for new, and to teach them the value of giving – I’ve seen you talk about this on f/b and love it

      February 10, 2014
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