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brontosaurus love

Our biggest little one often starts a sentence with “now I’m a brontosaurus”.  It really makes whatever comes next a little more amusing. I might try it one day. 


He and his dad can often be found having dinosaur races around the kitchen and family room with whichever sister is willing to hop on for a wild ride that ends in laughter and sprawling limbs.  These might look like simple horsey rides – but they are actually very real dino-rides – complete with roaring and stops for munching on leaves.

brontosaurus races

This is a quick one –  just wanted to show you a fun little valentine shirt I made for our favorite dinosaur lover. I found the girls Valentines shirts very easy but boy love is harder to make and still have it look tough-ish.


dino shirt


A subtle hit of valentines day red mixed in with his favorite vegesaurus. love that kid.



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