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leaving on a jet plane

Is it crazy that as a working mom for the past four years this is my first trip away from home over night? Four nights to be exact. I’ve avoided it until now. I don’t like the idea of being too far away. I feel like I need to qualify that statement: I love to travel, so much that I went to get my pilots licence at one point. So much so that I would jump on a plane with my Dad (who was a pilot) just for the journey, taking me to China four times for less than a day. I love going away, love experiencing the world and the differences that make us unique from across country to across the world. Those cool unique places, experiences and journeys are moments in life that I look forward to and plan at night with Cam to share together and with our kids for years to come.

But: I haven’t found any reason good enough to pull me away from kissing my babies goodnight, and from relaxing late at night with Cam, and seeing all of their gorgeous faces waking up. I find no fault in those people who find their energy in leaving and returning. I completely understand and value the concept of absence makes the heart grow fonder. But for me – right now – my greatest joy is just… where my family is. So it had to be special, really special – to get me on a plane across the country and away from my four babes. And it is. I’m writing this from my ipad in the air on the way to be inspired.

It’s an interesting destination. This trip to inspiration will be driven by innovation, fueled by creativity, and hopefully realized through some new friends and interesting conversations.

I love innovation. What do you think of when you read that word? It might be technology related, medicine, business, arts … for me innovation is about thinking about a situation in a new way. Often the coolest innovative ideas I’ve seen are just neat tweaks built on the back of existing ideas. I don’t think innovation needs to be completely unique, never contemplated before ideas… those are the rare gems but no more valuable than the creative improvements that make a great idea more accessible, or a brilliant advance more applicable.

I’m going to learn from some of the innovators that I hold high. To breath the same air, participate in the conversations that I have no business being a part of, and witness the ideas as they take form in stories and presentations and labs.

And for my babes… I left a package for each morning – something to let them know I am thinking of them – to inspire their little creative minds from crayons and paper to draw their people and dinosaurs, to grab bag of pipe cleaners, pompoms, stickers and tissue to make a coral reef, to bug catchers and magnafying glasses to explore the backyard. And a story for each night – about a princess and a magic dinosaur – a bit of both worlds to please all the cuties as they line up on our big bed at home with their tooth brushes and look into my awesome husband’s face – eagerly awaiting the tales that they will bring to life in their dreams.

I’m leaving on a jet plane. I’m excited and honoured to get this opportunity. And I can’t wait to get home and hug them all. Hopefully with the gift of perspective and inspiration to share at work and at home.

Here’s to adventures… I hope you get one this week too. xo

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