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sunshine and little smiles

I got home from the conference I went to a week ago.  On my plane ride home I wrote 3 blog posts thanks to the incredible inspiration on that trip, and I do look forward to sharing them.  But since I’ve been home I haven’t been able to get online to finish them off an hit ‘publish’.  It’s been busy at work, yes – I got the inevitable airplane cold, yes – but more than that I haven’t been ready to give up time with Cam or the kids to think about and finish those posts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Mary Poppins, nor am I spending every waking hour gazing at my family … it’s pretty much the opposite actually.  Since work is so full on, and since I need to head to bed earlier because I’m sick, I find I only have about 3 hours a day right now with those people I adore the most, I’m so grateful that this week has been a gorgeous one and that we’ve spent almost 100% of that time outside enjoying.

So this, my first post back isn’t about the art of storytelling, or the predictions of the super cool futurist, or the role of business in the community – this is just a sappy post about my family.  Because that’s how I found the inspiration to come back to the “fun” keyboard (I only write blogs on our mac at home – work laptop = not-so-fun-keyboard).  A little context setting – I’ve just downloaded the pictures from this week, I’ve finally given Cam the cold so he’s snoring asleep upstairs, and I’ve finally stored up the energy to start baking and making again so I’m feeling crafty (posts to come) and so happy to have this little outlet.

Cam chronicled the time he and the kids had together for the 4 days I was away through fun pics he texted me along the way. It was super fun, and this one made my heart melt a little – it was the second night I was gone – our facetime connection wasn’t that great and the kids were waiting to say good night to me… just made me want to give all four of them a huge hug.

talking to mom


This week we’ve eaten outside every night; on the deck, on the grass, at the beach, at the table, walking, sitting in a wagon … you name it.  It’s so fun to see m&c&k enjoying outside as much as i do. sometimes by force or Popsicle bribe but hey… whatever works.  Each night after dinner we hit the beach for ice cream, or walk around the neighbourhood noticing bugs and animals, racing to light posts and imagining the forest paths are enchanted.

pop pop walk

Sometimes I’ll catch one of them mid-imagination – and that’s my favorite.  I have no idea what Charlie was thinking but as she slurped her favorite purple Popsicle after dinner one night she started talking about “puppy gogs” and dragged the wagon to the grass and then got in and sat there for a good 5 minutes telling herself a story.  Love their little brains.

pop pop wagon

Another day I came home to the girls running through the mister and sprinkler with our nanny.  I don’t know how summer hit us this week – but we are so lucky it did and we are loving every watery, warm minute of it.

mister fun

So whether it’s lawn-chair lego while the girls nap, or water gun showers with a glint of defiance and a hint of ‘come and get me’ … this week has been about this: work, sleep, family and sunshine.

lawnchair lego water gun kate


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to share some fun crafts and recipes this week.

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  1. Anonymous #

    We have been enjoying the sunshine too! Such fun shown here.

    June 7, 2014

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