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growing … peas and broccoli and strawberries and more!

A little while ago (on May first) I posted about “growing”.

Every time I turn around those little toes and fingers are getting longer, thinner, and more able… to pick up things, tie things, open things, pour things …. we here so many more “I do it!” and “watch me!” yells now then just a few months ago when it was the constant “help!” yelp.  It’s wonderful, and amazing, and a little heart breaking too … everyone says they grow up so fast.  I just had no idea how fast.


Back at the beginning of May we made a planter and planted our own little veggie garden.  I have a pinterest account, and though I’ve posted 30+ images of things I’ve made – the one picture of Cam’s DIY garden box is the project that gets downloaded the most.  It’s a running joke in our house now… every time I get a ping that one of my pictures has been liked/pinned we look down and it’s cam’s creation. sigh.  I’ll keep trying 😉

I said back then that I’d post an update on how our garden grows.  Here’s that update…  At least one thing is growing faster than our kids – Our veggies are going crazy!

garden grow

We have fresh peas daily, broccoli by the bushel, and even our strawberries are already ripening.  I can’t believe how fast everything has grown and how much fun it’s been to water with the kids and explore the new buds and flowers and vines every couple of days.  They each take their little jobs verrry seriously… and love finding a munching on new ripe veggies daily.

brocoli peas

I planted a herb planter last month as well and it’s done really well also.  I find basil only lives for me for a month or two and then it slowly declines to a scraggly mess (if you have tips I’m all ears!) but we’ve had a lot of luck with dill, cilantro, parsley, oregano and rosemary.  I just planted two of each in this planter with good drainage and fertilized with a mix of miracle grow and water.  It’s in a sunny spot and it’s doing really well so far!


We all can’t wait for the carrots and tomatoes to start to be ready.  I’ll post more picks when they do!  Happy sunny saturday.



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  1. Terri #

    Wow! I need some tips 🙂

    June 7, 2014
    • miracle grow mixed in the watering can and a lot of sunshine are our only two secret ingredients.

      We love the broccoli and ate it for dinner tonight – such a great suggestion thanks Ter!

      June 7, 2014

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