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what’s a couple of months between friends?

Hi again. I hope you’ve had a great couple of months.  I dropped off, quite honestly, because I had a bit of a shift in priorities after Christmas.  We went away in search of sunshine for a bit, and the preparation at work to get away, together with new programs for the kids, coupled with a desire to eat and be healthier meant the months flew by.  Unfortunately the only bits of time left in my days to collect myself for planning better meals and working out were the scraps I used to use for trolling creative sites and writing this fun little blog.  Two months in, and I think I finally have the hang of it all – so I’m back – and soooo happy to be here.  I’ve missed being creative, and have missed writing.

We went to Hawaii.  This is our second trip to the same place – recommended by wonderful friends.  This year we were lucky enough to overlap with those friends, and then with 3 sets of other great buddies that we had in turn recommended the place to.  My mom came and joined us for half the trip and Matty even had school friends staying just up the beach – it was awesome.  So family friendly, quiet, relaxing and fun.  I won’t go on about it but if you want details pop me a note and I’m happy to pass along.

girls hawaii

Did I mention the turtles?


The kids and I continued our crafts, and built some pretty cool new art pieces along the way – and Matty developed a big love for science so we have been experimenting quite a bit as well.  I’ll try to share some of the cooler pieces this week and maybe pass along some ideas for Spring break if anyone is home with kiddos over the next couple of weeks.  We’ve been playing a lot with filmo/sculpey, making erasers and crayons, drawing animals and dinosaurs, and we have plans for making bouncy balls and paper-mache masks next week.

I know I’m turning back time here but I didn’t share our Valentines this year – and I really wanted to show you how they turned out.  For the girls – I wrote the alphabet out in a heavy black font except for the letters “I” “O” and “U” which I wrote in red, and switched the “O” to a heart.  I printed on kraft paper – 2 up (they were 4×8) and then the girls helped cut them.  We ordered chocolates from the oriental trading company (crazy good website – thank you Lori for recommending it!) and put a picture of the three kids on it with a Valentine message around the outside.  The girls had fun sticking the sticker-pictures on each of the chocolates and then attaching them to their valentines.  It was a fun way to share the valentines spirit with their preschool in a bit of a home-made fashion.

valentines  chocolates


For Matty we did a few different things.  For his class we bought some little mazes and attached a “You aMAZE me” note to them that Matty signed.  I found this idea on pinterest .   It was okay, but neither of us were in love with it.  So we made a different one for some very close buddies and his cousins.  We bought some pull-back trucks and he helped me design tire tracks on a 4×8 (2 up) template – using very basic power point.  We wrote out a few messages but the coolest one was “I like the way you roll”.  We got plastic bags at the dollar store and attached the trucked inside, taping the back with some cool washi tape.

roll cars car


I hope you felt loved this Valentines day.  And I also hope you’re seeing signs of Spring, wherever you are.  We have crocuses and tulips and have been lucky with the sunshine for the past couple of weeks.  I’m so glad to see spring on it’s way.  The kids are outside more, chalk art on the driveway, hair blowing in the wind, and their bikes and balls are everywhere in a happy mess.  I drive to work in the dark still, but at least it isn’t dark again by the time I get home.  I’m not a big winter girl.  Bring on the sunshine and the soccer games, the smell of fresh grass and the warmth of the sunshine on your skin.

It’s nice to be back…

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